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To everyone who has encouraged me and/or sponsored me, thank you so much!
To anyone on the B scedule...Good luck!
To anyone who wants to friend me after this: sweetnovicane.

Now...BED! *runs off*
The computer srceen is oddly bright when you haven't slept for 24 hours.

I was kind of thinking about this today. I've been a Firefly fan for almost two years. For the past two years, I've gotten several relatives and a few friends into it. The weird thing is...it doesn't feel like two years.

Sometimes it feels like forever ago that I was telling Edgey on GSB that I was going to go watch it, but sometimes, it feels like yesterday I saw Serenity in the theater.

But I've been thankful for it. Thankful for bringing me into another world and showing me some fiercely loyal, but extremely pleasent fans. For bringing me closer to friends. For showing me that not all sci-fi was like Trek. And for letting me find Buffy and Angel and discovering how amazing Joss was.

So...thanks Joss. <3

When I grow up, I want to be a slayer. Or the captain of my own ship. Whatever works. ^^

Half hour! WOOO!

Oh those two...<3

An hour left! Yay!

Just two more entries and I can crawl into bed...
Oh God, I'm hearing 'Sadder But Wiser Girl' in my head. I'm truely going insane at this early in the morning.

Gonna show you the best fanvid ever though:

Oh great...now it's 'Pick A Little, Talk A Little'!
Two more hours...thank the godsss...

I'm so ready for sleep though. And I don't know if I want to go in for Tech tomorrow, but I said I'd be there.

I got nothing else to talk about, so here's a picture of Butch looking cute.

You know, I really wish someone had 'Ralph Wiggum' by Bloodhound Gang. It's such a fun song. Plus...It's Ralph! You can't not love Ralph Wiggum! Go banana!!

"Wheee! I'm a pop sensation!"
"That's where I saw a leprechaun! It tells me to burn things!"
"Dying tickles!"

Not much longer...yesssss...
You know you're desperate to stay awake when you start listening to the two versions of 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' on your computer and start dancing.

Damn you George Michael.
Geez...I've never wanted to sleep so bad in my life...

Okay...another gimmick to keep me awake. Ask me anything about me. Anything at all. I'll answer as best and as truthfully as I can.

Where's my afgan?
The fourth and final installment where Ashley finishes the Walker set and shows off Kenotia again like they're her children again.

I have to say pretty damn awesome!Collapse )

Y'know...that really helped pass the time...


Now what?
Warning..Butch Walker overload.

Smile Pretty!Collapse )

And I STILL have Butch pictures I want to post...so...Part 4 in 30.